Edward Halliday

Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute, King's College London (UK)

Ed Halliday is the Accelerator Manager at the Entrepreneurship Institute, where he supports the university’s best early-stage ventures to reach their potential.

Over the past two years, he has helped over 50 startups to build their products, go to market and scale. Their technologies range from an AI application to bring expert cancer diagnosis ability into the hands of any GP; a machine learning-enabled plugin to increase design team efficiency; a product that uses AI to allow anyone with a smartphone to create and share VR content; and a manufacturer and retailer of ultra-pure beer. These entrepreneurs have generated a £2.5 million in combined revenue and investment raised since the programme began in October 2016.

Previously, he was a partner and director at CoSchool, an award-winning startup that develops entrepreneurial leadership in school students in Colombia. In 3 years, CoSchool has worked with leading private schools and government agencies to deliver programmes to 8,000 students across the country. Prior to CoSchool, he worked on consultancy projects for financial services, non-profit and international development clients at Accenture, and designed and delivered leadership education programmes for over 20,000 young people at The Prince’s Trust.

Ed has a degree from Oxford University, and is a fellow of the Unreasonable Institute, USA, and the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce in London.

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